アダマから大空隼人へのチャネリングメッセージ Deniseさんより

Dear son,  I Am Adama your brother,



For many years we have talked together. Yes, for many years we have been meeting at night at Telos in my garden. Each time, we salute each other as old friends do. Often, it is the words I whisper in your mind that you pronounce when you speak. As you are reading these words, imagine yourself sitting on a bench in my garden. Most of the time, you sit at the same place, on the same bench. Take a moment to feel this, and connect with the energy of that place.  That place holds all the conversations we had together, you and me. You can reconnect consciously with these conversations. A portion of you already knows how to connect with the dimensions of light. Often you are using this portion of yourself in your place of work when you look for solutions and images.




You have inside of yourself all the tools necessary to connect with me on a conscious level. The first step is to accept that you have this gift, this talent. The second step is to believe that you have the ability to connect with me. The last step is to practice this connection.





How to connect: Simply by quieting your mind and bringing it to a peaceful place where you can feel peace and tranquility inside yourself. Once you feel peaceful, ask to connect with me and I will be there, next to you. I can only communicate with you inside your personal universe using your own thoughts, your imagination, and your very own mind and body. To facilitate communication, you can imagine yourself in my garden on your bench at Telos, feeling the energies, feeling my presence. Note, dear son, that when you do this exercise, it will feel real to you, and for the portion of yourself that is your soul. So at one level your body will be somewhere out there in nature or in your room, and somewhere out there, I will be with you. To help facilitate these first encounters since all of that will happen from the inside, you can use a pen and paper and write down all that is coming to you. May be at the beginning it will be a word, or a short sentence. Keep doing this until whole sentences are coming through you. Each time you sit down to practice our communication, the lines of light will build and become stronger. And once you are at ease with this process, it will be time for you to start using your voice to articulate my words. It is simple, very simple for you since you have done this in many lifetimes. You have done this intuitively. Now the difference is that you are ready to do it consciously.




Here is another exercise that could be of help to you.  Imagine yourself sitting on that bench to ask for guidance in your day-to-day life, work, relationships, etc… this place is like a magic door  enabling you to connect to the consciousness of all things, where everything is possible, where all solutions exist. You just need to note and pay attention, and listen to your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of consciousness within yourself. Trust yourself, love yourself, expand yourself  into the Light Being that you are.




I Am Adama from Telos, the city your heart cherishes.

あなたのハートに燃ゆる都市テロス アマダより

翻訳 Miki